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Learning today to stay wealthy tomorrow

TAP Intuit is a financial education platform that provides financial literacy to our students so they can take control of their personal finances and make their money work for them.

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Let Your Money Work For You.

Our Mission is to transform your financial life through the power of personally applied financial knowledge. We break down the art and science of personal finance step-by-step to make sure you get results. 


Proven Process

Discover your own unique style of controlling your personal finances with our proven process.

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Weekly live streams sessions, Q&As, webinars, and more!

Trade in Your Hours for a Full-Time Life.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to strive, both financially and mentally. Grab hold of your personal finances, and take time to do more things that you love.

Collaborative Environment

Connect with a group of like-minded individuals to excel your drive. 

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Mental Reprogramming

Reprogram your brain's psychology for effective training that focuses on mind over matter.

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E-Learning Platform

24/7 access to a deep library of content designed for all sorts of learning types. Every module is suitable for PC or mobile access, and our expert instructors make it easy to build your financial IQ. Enjoy recorded lessons, livestreaming content, and customer support whenever you need it.

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Financial Community

Dive into a like-minded community that’s hungry for knowledge. Involving both beginners and seasoned vets, our community is devoted to all topics regarding finance and entrepreneurship. When you need inspiration, motivation, support, answers, or just a place to celebrate your successes, you’ll turn to the group that’s always there!

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Dedicated Educators

When you’re ready for some serious financial focusing, get personalized mentorship from content experts who can help you troubleshoot your problems and offer specific advice. Learn how to be the best by learning from the best!

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Here are some values we stand for.

Analyze Your Past Failures. Make Them Into Your Future Successes.

With innovative learning techniques, TAP Intuit takes neuroscience and psychology to get into a positive mindset.

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Profit From Your New Fortune Of Knowledge.

Within each training, you will have the opportunity of a lifetime to join a successful, driven group of financial enthusiasts and mentors to help you along the way.

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