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Mini Workshop Series

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December 2nd

This mini workshop set reinforces practical money skills and teaches the budgeting process in a fun and engaging way. Students will learn the differences between "need" and "want" items, including the importance of volunteering their time and giving back to their local community.


December 9th

If you want to earn and learn this holiday season, you will learn 20 ways people will be earning extra money this Christmas. Even after the holiday season is over, you will be able to take these side hustles and turn them into a profitable business if your heart desires. The side hustles are evergreen!


December 12th

To prepare for the upcoming 2021 year, we will go over investing for a new financial you. It does not matter what age you are, young or old. Everyone will receive some benefit by attending this mini workshop! Learn about investing in the stock market, retirement, in yourself, and so much more.

Get ready for your 12 Days to TAP Intuit

This holiday season will be the most life-changing one yet. According to Bloomberg, 55% of people this year will not be shopping in person due to the pandemic. That's where we step in - to provide you with the best budgeting tactics and money saving tools for you to thrive during your shopping sprees.

Prepare for the New Year

We've lived through 2020 together. Maybe you have experienced loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of income or motivation. It's time for a refresh. Let's carry on to 2021 with motivation to be better and to do better. Join us to learn and earn skills for the upcoming year and make 2021 amazing! 

What are you waiting for? Your new year won't work itself. 

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