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TAP Into Your Future. TAP Events are free virtual experiences that provide engaging tutorials and interactive sessions on personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship, real estate, travel and more. With TAP Events you can take your learning to the next level while building new connections with people in your community who share your passions. From becoming a financial advisor to becoming a real estate mogul, there are opportunities for everyone who's ready to learn. Starting today go TAP into your future!


๐Ÿ’ฐPRIDE in Personal Finance

Real life teachings by real people.

TAP Intuit's workshops are open to everyone in our global community. Whether you’re a full-time worker, college or high school student, creative, or company of any size, you can help drive growth of open source and make positive contributions to an ever-growing community. All backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to join us.

  • Pride in Personal Finance is a celebration open to everyone in our global community.

  • Requests can be made by emailing [email protected], classified with the Pride in Personal Finance topic.

  • You can sign up anytime before November 30th.

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About Workshops

At TAP we are not only a company, but a culture of building leaders. Using online products and workshops, we assist high school students, colleges, and the private sector with understanding the various elements of personal finance, and mentoring them through their path as it pertains to college admissions, work force readiness and more.

Most of the organization and work behind the scenes is done by folks from the team at TAP Intuit but none of this would be possible without amazing people from meetups.

This is about a movement amounting to a generation: one that is passionate, purpose driven, and unwilling to accept the status quo. School is important, but what you do after you leave the classroom is more important. Because school doesn't teach you how to be in a relationship with someone, how to manage your finances, or even how to eat. So what are you going to learn after school?

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Investing in a New Financial You Jan. 2021

Investing is the most underutilized tool for wealth creation. Learning investing with TAP creates useful, collaborative content that lets you reach new financial goals together with professionals and people like you.

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12 Days to TAP Intuit Dec. 2020

According to Bloomberg, 55% of people this year will not be shopping in person due to the pandemic. That's where we step in - to provide you with the best budgeting tactics.

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Pride in Personal Finance Nov. 2020

This  workshop is focused on growing pride in personal finance, telling captivating teachings and turning lessons into every day practices.

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Get Schooled Oct. 2020

This is for you GenZ who would want to learn actual applicable things school failed to teach. Topics ranging from how to manage side hustles, personal finance, productivity and time management. 

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Secrets To Success Aug. 2020

2 Day Virtual Event with 10+ Educational Creators diving deep into secrets of personal finance, business, investing, and real estate.

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This is a great opportunity to reach thousands of diverse entrepreneurs, content creators, influencers, and innovators through our live and digital workshops. By sponsoring an event you will gain exposure with influencers who are key decision makers in the world of business.

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