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Beginners Guide to Investing Ebook

$7.00 USD

A beginners guide to get started in the stock market.

The Beginner's Guide to Investing Ebook is a complete guide for beginner investors who want to start with the basics of the stock market. Whether you are new to the world of investments, or just interested in learning more about stocks and shares, this book will help you find your feet with valuable tips and healthy encouragement along the way.

What you'll get:

  • Beginner's Guide to Investing Ebook

This ebook is not intended to give out stock picks, rather teach students how to trade in the stock market and formulate their own stock picks. 

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What People Are Saying:

“In the beginning I liked the formula, however after doing the calculations I realize I do not have that much capital. As a college student working part time, before the world wide pandemic I saved monthly to deposit money into my ROTH IRA. I made about 7% on my money but then lost an upwards of 1000 dollars. This is what interested me to beginning trading because I have seen lots of people making money off of it.”


“I enjoyed the stock trends, I always just made my assessments about companies based on the media, the stock market app on iPhone and the news lol. Now it doesn't seem so scary, I know there is a lot more but those trends definitely stuck in my memory for the long term.”


“It was extremely easy to read and very comprehensible considering the complexity of the subject. It was broken down into 3 main stage which made it easy to follow. I‘m glad it was realistic of the fact you will have to lose money to gain money, as well as providing a formula to indicate how much you could potentially make from the money you put it. This stops people from having false expectations.”


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