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About Us

TAP Intuit is a platform that offers financial education. Our primary focus is teaching motivated individuals the financial skills they need to flourish in everyday life.

We began our journey in early 2019 as TAP Investments, a blog-site that served as a home and gathering place for a community that embraced an entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in financial topics. Since the very first days of TAP Investments, people have flocked to our space to find answers to their financial questions. People have always come to TAP to talk money, and it only seemed natural that we direct ourselves to providing useful answers to the questions our community has been asking all along.

We expanded to include TAP Intuit, a place where individuals seeking financial literacy can come to add to their knowledge. We’re committed to aiding them in their journey, and we’ve created TAP Intuit so that we might provide them with rich and useful information offered by content experts and created by people who understand how to facilitate quality learning.

There’s room for everybody who’s searching for answers at TAP Intuit, from the novice on Day 1 to the seasoned expert. We want our students to succeed financially, and we believe that we’ve found a way to help them learn how to get there.

What We Teach:

Through varied programs of coursework and mentorship, we empower individuals to take charge of their financial situation, be it through life-oriented financial principles or guidance for motivated entrepreneurs.

Personal Finances

Financial literacy is an essential life skill. It can give anyone the ability to:

  • Effectively manage their bank accounts
  • Build and use personal wealth
  • Understand the pros and cons of credit and debt
  • Invest for a comfortable retirement


TAP Intuit is a great place for budding entrepreneurs to prepare for taking on the business world.

TAP Intuit helps entrepreneurs with:

  • The basics of building an online business
  • Making your enterprise scalable
  • Effective branding and marketing strategies
  • Creating content that drives your mission


The stock market can seem hard to understand, but TAP Intuit is there to help beginners and experienced investors alike learn and employ sound investing strategies.

We can help you learn:

  • Technical analysis to inform potential trades
  • Trading skills to meet your investment goals
  • Understanding the inherent logic of the market and its participants
  • How to gain the mindset of successful trader

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