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TAP Pro is one of the ways we give like minded individuals a safe space to mingle.

It's where people like you come together to meet and support one another, get answers to burning questions, learn from experts, participate in growth challenges, and more. This is all the personal finance subjects school doesn't prioritize!


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You're Losing Money Every Day Without Even Knowing It πŸ“‰

Did you know that our paper dollar fluctuates in value? But since it’s paper, we actually don’t see it happening. The buying power of the dollar is lessoning with 3-11% inflation meaning that the money we hold in our bank accounts will be worth less!

Let me guess, this is you right now... (otherwise you wouldn't be here)

βœ… Feeling uncertainty regarding where to begin with your financial freedom path

βœ… Not feeling confident discussing money with others

βœ… Don't have a millionaire mentor to look up to

βœ… Always felt like learning how to properly take advantage of your personal finances was exclusively for the upper class or just too complicated

βœ… Don't know how to invest or grow your money

Time is our most valuable resource. And yet a lot of us consistently fail to leverage our time and end up working longer hours than we should, which leads to falling behind on personal commitments and neglecting health & wellbeing.

The trouble is that it often takes a painful experience like being fired, getting divorced, or getting sick to make us realize that life is too short not to take the reins now.

Now, let me guess what you're NOT...

🚫 You don't want a high priced course

🚫 You don't think that the 9-5 will be forever for you

🚫 You really don't believe that you can't change your financial future 

➑️ If this is all you, TAP Pro will empower you with the knowledge you need to trade your money for time.

We deliver useful, actionable information about automating your financial life in a practical way to each member of TAP Pro so they can gradually create time in their lives for the things that really matter.

Introducing TAP Pro πŸŽ‰

People like you come together to learn about financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Our members get access to free resources including books, articles, and videos that offer insight on personal finance and business strategy. Get to know others in the profession or those who work to improve your neighborhood.

Here's an unlocked version of our community so you can see for yourself πŸ”“

All journeys are unique but TAP Pro members benefit from common experiences:

     βœ… Strong community engagement

     βœ… Strong network of like minded individuals to grow and link with

     βœ… People who have been in your shoes and know how to overcome your problems.

     βœ… The best financial resources all at the tip of your fingers

All the Tools You Need to Build a Better Financial Lifestyle

This community that thrives off of each others success, which makes it so unique when you have a question or do not know the answer to a pain stacking question you have fellow members and leaders there who have been in your shoes and learned to overcome the difficult problems you may be facing.

Join TAP Pro with limited time 7 day free trial

Inside TAP Pro πŸ‘€

TAP Pro is a multifaceted community platform that gives you and partners the opportunity to drive real knowledge value and deliver an engaging, community interaction and access to market insights. 

Architected in three distinct clusters designed for different community activity, TAP Pro delivers a unique experience to each of its audiences:

Networking—the most advanced networking capabilities through:

βœ… The ability to instantly messages/group chats.

βœ… Learning channels for discussions around a simpler, smarter approach to finance--so you can hit your goals.

βœ… Private 1:1 messaging between community members.

βœ… Monthly challenges that encourage, support, and reward member growth.

A Wealth of Knowledge—which comes to life through the following resources:


At TAP we are not only a company, but a culture of building leaders. Using online  workshops, we assist students, colleges, and the private sector with understanding the various elements of personal finance, and mentoring them through their path as it pertains to college admissions, work force readiness and more, valued at $99 each. 

Daily Stock Market Briefings

Expert stock market and economic analysis that's clever, concise and easy to read for beginners. Your daily briefings are delivered straight to your text messages.

Daily Personal Finance Lessons

Easy to understand lessons in a Q&A format for you to learn the best! We know sometimes finance can be tough, but with our language, we're easy to understand.


Monthly Stories Discussion

No matter how successful we are as individuals, it’s the people who surround us that make our lives complete. TAP stories each month will focus on these special individuals and their life lessons.

Other exclusive knowledge:

  • Ebooks of all TAP guides (each valued between $7-$49.99)
  • Video Programs (each valued at $99)
  • Amazing deals and discounts only available to TAP Pro members.

Direct Connection with People through:

βœ… Weekly Q&As hosted by Taylor and Team TAP members.

βœ… Help achieving your financial goals.

βœ… Instant messaging between members.

This is a social architecture that’s informed by people we know, trust, and want to support. It’s expressed in the things we share online, offline, and in person, and it’s always in flux because the field is always changing.

Join TAP Pro with limited time 7 day free trial

Some Juicy Questions πŸ’¦ by TAP Pro Members

Kayla asks, "Are we due for another crash?"

"I've been seeing a lot of videos about the market being due for another crash soon. Even though the future is unforeseen,  do you think there's a possibility of this happening within the next 2 years?"

Video Poster Image

Kayla asks about Credit Score

"Where do you recommend getting your credit score from?"

Video Poster Image

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