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Experience like no other.

boxZ is a self-contained, educational and interactive experience delivered right to your doorstep. It's not just a box. It's the beginning of an adventure - an adventure for you to explore the world around you with exciting new toys and tools. Inside each box, you'll find activities designed to teach you about personal finances. It's what we call a lifestyle change and an experience. Each box has a QR code where it will direct you to tailored content specifically for items in the box. You can even color in our box too!

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Become a member and for just $49.99 each season, you'll get the box filled with 8-10 full-sized, premium products valued at over $200.

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Each season choose some products and add-ons you want in your box. Or keep it a surprise. You'll love it either way! Reuse your box too - color them in!

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Indulge in the best in education, entertainment, and wellness. Scan your QR code for additional goodies. Don't forget to #boxZ when you share!

$200+ VALUE for ONLY $49.99 USD

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*In the contiguous US

Hidden Tickets

The boxZ Hidden Tickets offer you the chance to open a surprise ticket, with some lucky ones having the chance to redeem for thousands of dollars worth of prizes! The types of tickets vary so check them out today!


If you find this ticket, you'll win an exclusive and very special prize, valued at over $500!

Once per year


Find this ticket and win an hour long call with members of TAP Intuit, the team behind TAP!

Five times per year


If you find this ticket, you win an exclusive Q&A with a member of TAP Intuit. Get the insider scoop on your favourite team.

Seven times per year


With the Sapphire ticket, win a free apparel item of TAP merch!

Nine times per year


We believe in change.

For every subscription box purchase, we contribute a percentage of profits to a different fund or charity of the month. If you have a specific charity that you would like to support, please email [email protected]

Supporting charity

Discover Amazing Products

We're really excited to introduce boxZ. No more endless searching for what’s new, because we curate the best products featured on other leading sites for you, hand picked by your favorite creators.


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