TAP Money Tree Program 💸

This is NOT your traditional Brand Ambassador experience.

About Your Money Tree Program 🤝

The money tree is real. Do not believe what the world tells you with this myth. We must admit, the money tree is usually not given, rather seeded and earned through rewards. Take this for example. Let’s start off with the seed of budgeting. In order to grow your money tree, your seed must always in budgeting. Next, we water that seed with a good credit score, a savings account, an emergency fund, a retirement fund, a good insurance policy, and more. Finally, we have a small tree with a very strong trunk. The trees branches are very fragile, yet continuing to grow. In order to grow those branches, you can do several things such as:

  • Start a side hustle, turn it into a business
  • Invest in real estate income properties
  • Invest in the stock market

If we take a closer look, you may notice that all those bullets are not guaranteed. They may be more volatile and fluctuate, leaving you with small branches without any leaves. However, if you are successful in maintaining those bullets, you may start seeing leaves appear. These leaves are our passive income! It may not start off plentiful, but you can get there.

We have just proven to you that the money tree is in fact real. Everyone has their own money trees - they just don't talk about it. Some seeds may be just turning into trees. Some trees may be bigger than other trees. Some trees may produce way more leaves than other trees.

It’s time to plant your money tree seed at your university and grow your branch. Join the financial literacy movement and make an impact.


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What separates the TAP Money Tree program? 🔍

Yes, learning about photosynthesis in Biology class and the French Revolution in History class is important, but that curriculum doesn’t teach you how to manage your finances. What about beyond the textbooks and into the real world? That’s where TAP Intuit can help.

Over 77% of Gen Z do not know what a Roth IRA is. Over 73% of Gen Z do not know their credit score. TAP Intuit strives to change this.

TAP Intuit is a financial education platform that provides financial literacy to our students so they can take control of their personal finances and make their money work for them.

Our ebooks, online programs, social communities are self-paced to meet the needs of our students while giving them the best possible content and instruction. Your learning style is our teaching style. We offer multiple formats and courses, so you can choose and customize your experience that works best for you.


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Current Chapter Locations 🌎

Students are joining forces around the world to make an end to the financial literacy gap in the world. No matter where you are, there is always something to be learned. Share our mission to close the financial literacy gap at your college.

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What makes a successful program experience? 🔍

Any university student can start this program, whether you are a seasoned personal finance expert or a beginner. All you need to do is be hard-working, ambitious, and willing to learn! These are some qualities we look for in self starter students:

  1. Driven, ambitious, and bright student leaders
  2. Curious and engaging participants
  3. Teamwork internally and externally
  4. Passionate about TAP’s mission
  5. Diligence and persistence


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What you need to start a Money Tree Branch at your University

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Before applying, you must be approved by your university

Typically, this is done through a student union board, or application process. Please ask your advisor for more information at your university prior to TAP application. Upon approval, fill out the TAP application form. You will hear back via email within 5 business days (be sure to check your junk mail as well).

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Team of 4-7 at your university are welcome

If you are the first one to apply within your university, you may choose a role in which you are most passionate about. We will provide a form for you to distribute amongst your university. The time commitment for this program is approximately 3-6 hours per week for the entirety of the semester/quarter.

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Branches and teams are created by you at your university

Invite your most creative, determined, and passionate classmates to the program. You are responsible for developing a team of seedlings to work alongside you begin growing your money tree branch. In order to succeed, you must be a self starter. We will, of course, help you along the way!

Your Money Tree Team

Here are the officers you must elect to join your team!

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Our team provides you benefits to aid the success of your Money Tree Branch

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We help you and your branch along the way

  • Bimonthly meetings with all Branches of the Money Tree program.
  • Provide communication between university branches  through Workplace.
  • Receive a vast network of influencers and brands to boost engagement, attend speaking events, and mentor you along the way.
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Provide tools for you to succeed at your campus branch

  • Structured semester long layouts for an easy 
  • Official TAP Money Tree Brand Guide
  • Free access to Notion for project management systems
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Receive a Semester Starter Seed Package

Not only are you compensated through applied knowledge and mentorship, but every semester, you will receive a Starter Seed Package - an exclusive line of our subscription box, boxZ, dedicated to TAP Ambassadors. Some items included are:

  • Books
  • Smart snacks
  • Merch


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