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We believe students can take control of their personal finance management skills. Our first step is to change the conversation around money by empowering people to think of their finances as an exciting hobby anyone can learn, enjoy, and master.

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Investing 📈

Whether you are new to the world of investments, or just interested in learning more about stocks and shares, these programs will help you find your feet with valuable tips and healthy encouragement along the way.

Personal Finance 💰

We've got our eyes on the future. Our series of financial literacy programs for Gen Z is all about having fun and building knowledge that doesn't come at the cost of fun. We understand learning about money can be dull, but when it comes to managing your own, there's no time like the present to start building a bright financial future.

Business 👔

Business Builder provides the professional development resources and support for student entrepreneurs who are looking to take their side hustle to the next level. Our programs provide Gen Z with access to mentors, funding, and work study jobs to put their ideas in motion. Business Builder Programs: Our business and entrepreneurship programs are for Gen Z interested in turning their side hustle their own business.

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